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Billing Policy

Clients are expected to keep their account information up to date at all times. To facilitate this, all clients are provided with access to our online billing system at http://my.websoft, New accounts must pay for their term of service before service is activated on their account. This policy includes both orders submitted via our on-line order form or non-credit card payment orders, submitted through postal mail or at one of our offices or via one of our field executives. Receipts are generated on all new accounts the same day the order is setup and included in the setup e-mail.

Billing Procedures : For Credit Cards

Services are retailed through in order to facilitate those who wish to make purchase using Credit Cards. No credit cards are kept on file for security reasons. It is the responsibility of the client to make timely payments in accordance with this policy by logging on the billing system and renewing their services using the online payment link(s). All credit card orders are held for 24 hours in compliance with 2CheckOut's policies. This policy is enforced to verify online payments.

Billing Procedures : For Cheques/Bank Drafts/Pay Orders/Wire Transfers

All clients choosing any form of payment other than credit/debit cards, must remit payments in favour of "WEBSOFT TECHNOLOGIES", at least 15 days prior to their account renewal/expiry date. In the event that payment is not received at least 7 days before their renewal date, service will be discontinued and a late payment surcharge of not more than 10% per invoice be levied. All services within a billing account will be suspended in case any invoice remains unpaid past its due date. In case any invoice remains unpaid 15 days past its due date, the corresponding service shall be terminated immediately.


All new accounts are e-mailed an invoice/receipt immediately after the order is placed. If you wish to have a receipt mailed to you via postal mail, you will need to contact our billing department to request this. A $10.00 service fee will be assessed for postal mail receipts being sent within Pakistan. All international postage shall be charged at $25.00 per invoice/reciept.

All renewal notices/invoices generated automatically and sent at least 30 days prior to the renwal date.

Account Cancellations

Account/service cancellation requests MUST be sent atleast 15 days before the account renewal date, failing which the invoice will not be cancelled and charges will go through as per the invoice. Partial Payment against any initiated overdue invoice(s) and Partial Service(s) renewals are also not acceptable.


As a client, you commit to the length of your service cycle. Because of your commitment, we offer a discount on the service. Because of this, no refunds are granted for pro-rated service on service cycles, regardless of length. As a client, you commit to your service cycle with payment up front. Websoft Technologies commits to providing the offered services backed by our service guarantees. While we do not offer refunds for pro-rated service beyond the first 15 days of use, you have no obligation to continue using our service.

If you avail our 15 days money back guarantee... All fee except domain name charges, online transaction fee and setup costs are refunded.

Cash Deposits/Bank Transfer Refunds are ONLY offered via crossed checks and in Pak Rupees.

Credit/Debit Cards OR Paypal Refunds are ONLY offered by adding "Credit Balance" into your WEBSOFT Member's Portal.

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