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Non-Branding Solutions

What does Non-Branding or White Label means ?

White Label products and services are those which are offered without any makers/providers labeling. Such white label products and services are subsequently available for other persons or organisations to add their own labelling and branding to. White Label is a name that comes from the image of an unmarked white label being placed on a product that a purchaser or reseller can then mark with their own name and brand.

White Labeling has been a popular form of supply and marketing for many years now, with supermarkets being a prime example of its success. Popular producers offer their products and services with no labeling or branding to supermarkets who slap their own labels and branding on making the popular supermarket brands that we see so much of today.

The good thing about white labeling is that the marketer can offer a wide range of products and services to their clients without the extended cost of infrastructure involved in creating and distributing those products and services.

What can I Sell ?

You can sell any of our product/service to your customers with your branding.

Can I get any discount ?

Yes all of our services under Non-Branding are available at discounted prices.

How to get started ?

Kindly contact our sales department to get your Non-Branding Resellership form and further assistance.